April 9, 2011

From Their Listening, a Temple

Trees and Undergrowth

A tree rose there. What pure arising.
Oh, Orpheus sings! Now I can hear the tree.
Then all went silent. But even in the silence
was signal, beginning, change.

Out of the stillness of the unbound forest,
animals came forth from dens and nests.
And it was not fear or cunning
that made them be so quiet,

but the desire to listen. Every cry, howl, roar
was stilled inside them. And where
not even a hut stood

or the scantest shelter
to contain their ineffable longing,
you made them, from their listening, a temple.

Sonnets to Orpheus, I, 1


  1. Only in silence can I hear what is Real and True.

    I am reminded of a line from a song 'thank you, thank you Silence'.

  2. stilling the noise. listening purposefully and not just hearing. first steps. steven

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  4. Yes! Oh, how wonderful this is! The "ta-da!" moment of "seeing" the tree rise up suddenly in the forest in all it's brilliant glory, and then the realization, the reverence of the silence, the quiet, the holy place(s) of the natural world. "Ineffable" is a bit problematic for me, but that is just a matter of translation. Would I be happier with unutterable? The Van Gogh is stunning--what a match to the text. Thanks You.

  5. Oooh. Some typos in that. Eek. I apologize. Must be my excitement. :)


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