May 16, 2011

If Only for Once

Head of a Woman with her Hair Loose

If only for once it were still.
If the not quite right and the why is
could be muted, and the neighbor's laughter,
and the static my senses make—
if all of it didn't keep me from coming awake—

Then in one vast thousandfold thought
I could think you up to where thinking ends.

I could possess you,
even for the brevity of a smile,
to offer you
to all that lives,
in gladness.

The Book of Hours I, 7


  1. The longing that keeps me longing.

  2. if the noise of the senses and expectations and the terms and conditions were dulled . . . . steven

  3. The perfect relationship, if it exists, is one in which two souls are at peace, and co-exist in a seamless way in stillness ... In the real world, so often,we are plagued by doubts and insecurities, and that blissful state of "oneness" is fleeting.

  4. i see this well past love and relationship. i see this as a momentary perfection sought and found and by god, no nail exists.

    last night driving the back roads in the perfect forever changing light, off to the side just once, the way trees are lit about their knees, their secrets revealed, their cunts exposed, all joy, all longing, all vulnerability, the long neck leaned and nose laid to it, i looked and gasped and felt, please, now, let me die. i am in the naked scourge of the moment. i am in the raw blaze of the soul.

    we pass moments like these like birds in the air. yet, no nail exists.


  5. Yeah, if only
    I share his angst in questioning.
    but erin's right, it can't be nailed

  6. she is someone who will always look familiar. And thanks to Vincent's painting it gives some evidence, at least to me, that it can still be recognized even in the absence of seeing realistic coloration of the cones in a person eyes.

    That maybe it's not a particular facial feature or any kind of spatial ratio to where attributes reside. Just one more of the same type of riddle where I think "expression" is meaning of genetics and which specific portions of genes get translated, transcripted and transcribed (which to me would say specific attributes like the shape of a nose or height of cheek bones, or as I thought for nearly my whole life: if nothing else it could always be seen in the eyes)

    but maybe he just meant "expression" as in the emotion communicated by the posture of her face. But not the "happy" nor "sad" nor "excited" or any other emotion spoken in the posture of a persons face, but rather the foundation of a faces expression, the basis that the eyebrows are raised from and the anchors from which the corners of lips are pulled up from, the framework that her face and it's spoken emotions
    reveal their finish work from, the essence of who she is that can never be hidden in any word that the posture of her face utters, whispers or even screams wordless words of emotion in the same exact way any communication between two is delivered


"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Go ahead, bloom recklessly!