July 6, 2011

Between Hammers Pounding

observing work on the Monument to Victor Hugo
Lebossé's studio, 1896

Between hammers pounding,
the heart exists, like the tongue
between the teeth—which still,
however, does the praising.

From the Ninth Duino Elegy


  1. Despite the howling, gratitude is still possible.

  2. the image - like all images of artists watching their work arrive - is astonishing! that the artist can allow their love to pass through someone else's hands leaves me breathless and somehow anxious. steven

  3. steven! my god, thank you for that. it was a nudge to realign me for i was upset that he is credited for such work when it was through others hands this piece was born. see! see! there is always more than one perspective! and here you take it and show me something entirely different! i'm shocked, actually. this becomes a greater act of giving.

    i can not receive this poem, however. that's curious. it is just not making its way into me.


  4. Beautiful!
    PS: Yes to Steven, erin.


"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Go ahead, bloom recklessly!